Send eProposal- increase customer satisfaction and revenue

    Get rid of the clumsy proposal attachments and embrace the modern way of selling Meetings & Events services. eProposals is a win-win solution. Loved by your customers, and your team can concentrate on actual customer service rather than typing emails and proposal attachments.



    Fast, innovative, and more attractive than classic PDF documents.

    5 x

    Save time from your sales team and customers

    3 x

    Turn more RFPs to actual bookings


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    How it works

    The icing on the cake is automation. All parties get reminders automatically from changes in the proposal or essential deadlines.

    A potential customer approaches you.

    Usually, this is done by email, via webform on your site or phone call. 

    You reply with eProposal

    At this stage, you can reply with a link to your proposals which allows the customer to quickly see the offering and both parties can amend the same eProposal.

    Automation for efficiency

    Requests, communication, prices, offered services, etc. information stays on the eProposal until the proposal is closed. Deadline reminders are automated and automation helps both parties with communication.

    eProposals or offline bookings

    A game changer in camouflage - turning offline requests to eProposals

    Switch to using eProposals to streamline the process of selling meetings and events services and improve the customer experience. This online platform allows customers to easily view availability and pricing and provides valuable insights into your sales process. It also encourages customers to use more efficient communication channels, eliminating the need to deal with printed quotations, attachments, or cluttered emails.

    eProposal features

    Cherished by venue clients and event planners alike

    Centralized email communication

    Wave goodbye to scrolling through your inbox to catch up on discussions. With our cutting-edge eProposal system, every email thread is seamlessly integrated and stored. It's innovation that supports your workflow, is built on trust, and dynamically adapts to your needs. Stay positive—we've got your back and your emails, too!

    Customer relationship management

    Effortlessly automate the storage of your customer's details with MeetingPackage. Instantly populate account or contact information in a flash, empowering your customers with the convenience of logging in to view all their reservations in one unified location. Dive into analytics to analyze the growth of new ventures and the steadfast loyalty of your clientele, all within the same dashboard.

    Audit logs

    Whenever tweaks are made to the RFP, it's an open book for everyone. Both parties can see who made amendments, what was changed, and on what date & time. Transparency during event negotiations is paramount.

    Provisional hold date

    There is often a certain date when your potential customer needs to confirm or deny the offer. We've automised this so you never miss a deadline and your customer stays informed.

    Branded eProposal

    Elevate your RFP responses with elegantly crafted eProposals that mirror your brand's unique colors and logo and boast a responsive design that ensures flawless display across all devices.

    All-in-one sales tool

    You can sell any kind of service with eProposals. Whether it's bedrooms for groups or individuals, meeting rooms, meeting packages, Food & Beverage items, or any kind of customer service you offer to your clients.

    Automated emails

    Our email suite creatively nudges your customers with timely reminders as your event draws near and sends crucial 'make your move' deadline alerts to keep decisions on track. Should the event date slip by, a sleek automated cancellation notice swoops in, alongside updates for any RFPs still hanging in the balance. Plus, any tweaks to the proposal? We've got an email trigger for that, effortlessly keeping everyone in the loop.

    Build-in asset management

    Venue profile, meeting room inventory with details, additional service details, opening hours, full product & service catalog with robust pricing capabilities, and much more. All your venue and function space details are visible for your customer to view.


    Cost savings & revenue uplift

    Resources are scarce, so time is limited. You don't want to spend time on processes and mundane work routines, and neither do your customers. eProposals saves time for all stakeholders as the RFP process is more than 10x quicker and easier than with the traditional ways of handling RFPs. Faster answers mean higher conversion. Higher conversion means more revenue. Simple as that.

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