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    Calendar to manage Meetings & Events Sales

    Easy-to-use calendar saves your time and increases efficiency. Better user experience for all stakeholders while removing frustration from the booking process.


    Calendar or Function Diary for MICE business
    Function diary provisional hold date

    Calendar for M&E is intuitive and easy to use

    Using a well-functioning event calendar is pivotal for organizations when selling Meetings & Events. Time is of the essence, and customers need a quick reply so venue operators can retain potential business.

    Manage inventory with one view

    You can see which rooms are available for instant bookings and what rooms you only want to sell with traditional offline methods.

    The most integrated calendar system

    MeetingPackage calendar for events is the most integrated solution to manage Meetings & Events booking requests—no more "double-keying" between different systems.

    Exceed your customer's expectations

    At this point, everyone is happy as all the parties have confirmed the meeting booking. The meeting/event is still in the future. 

    Some of our customers

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    that are extensively using calendar feature

    Calendar features

    The most relevant features relating to how you can utilize calendar to run your M&E business.

    Time blocks & instant bookings

    You can quickly sell meeting rooms and meeting packages or just block a room for your customer while you discuss with them on the phone or via email. It takes seconds compared to the traditional and often frustrating Request-for-Proposals sales techniques. Save time, resources, and your nerves. 

    Create eProposals from the calendar

    Unlike the traditional way of crafting a proposal eProposal is easy to create, and it takes seconds rather than hours. Send the eProposal link for your customer to view and continue the discussion on the eProposal itself. Clever, right?

    Use automation

    Venue operators often need to fill in repetitive information daily. Returning customer information or product/service information is the most common type of data to write into offers. MeetingPackage calendar removes these pesky tasks and saves time for all stakeholders. You provide the data, we automate it for you.

    Are you using Gmail?

    You can integrate MeetingPackage calendar with a few clicks to your existing Gmail calendar. So you don’t need to use two calendars to manage your customers' booking requests and RFPs.

    eProposals or offline bookings

    Create eProposals from calendar

    The need to amend offers is painfully slow and common in the Meetings & Events business. eProposals remove that blocker. Your customers thank you for the quick responses, your employees are happier with easy sales processes, and your venue gets more business on the books. Everybody wins!

    View eProposals
    Loft Hotel Bratislava

    "For us, this was an easy decision as we couldn't find any other software providers that offer the same capabilities as MeetingPackage. Time-saving is a big benefit for us. I appreciate that I can move offline enquiries to the online world with the function diary and eProposals"

    Tomas Sabolt The Loft Hotel in Bratislava

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