Global Lead Passing

    Manage organization-level lead passing and track every detail from the salesperson to the venue. Distribute RFPs with ease to selected venues and increase your confirmation rate.



    Improve revenue

    Quicker replies to RFPs – boost in revenue

    Save time

    Increase in operational efficiency – focus on high value business

    Customer satisfaction

    Better customer experience from the very start

    What is Global Lead Passing

    Global Lead Passing (GLP) revolutionizes how organizations handle their RFP processes, making it a breeze. It empowers users to seamlessly direct RFPs to the ideal venues and effortlessly monitor the outcomes, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

    A potential customer approaches you.

    Usually, this is done by email, via webform on your site or phone call. 

    You pass on the lead

    Depending on the request and your processes, you can forward the RFP to the right venues and/or reply to it yourself. Easy tracking allows you to follow how the outcome of the forwarded leads.

    Automation for efficiency

    Requests, communication, prices, offered services, etc. information stays on the eProposal until the proposal is closed. Deadline reminders are automated, and automation helps both parties communicate.

    Used by everyone from the biggest chains to individual venues

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    ...and many more.

    eProposals or offline bookings

    Modern automation to manage the incoming RFPs

    Global Lead Passing revolutionizes the way organizations harness their RFP sales process, granting unparalleled control and efficiency. Our easy-to-navigate system enables sales teams to swiftly share and populate information, allowing venues to respond to queries at lightning speed. This streamlined approach elevates confirmation rates and enhances the customer journey, ultimately boosting revenue. 

    Global Lead Passing features

    Cherished by venue clients and event planners alike

    Centralized RFP management

    Streamline your RFP management with a unified dashboard that simplifies how your organization handles every request, both online and offline. Dive into a seamless experience where RFPs are not just visible but intelligently organized, allowing you to filter, track, and monitor the progress of each request with detailed event information and status updates. This intuitive approach empowers your team to prioritize and efficiently tackle the most pressing RFPs, turning complexity into clarity and challenge into opportunity.

    Audit logs

    Keep a close eye on the RFP process, and the status changes they undergo, whether by teammates or customers. This digital breadcrumb trail ensures every handshake and nod is logged, paving a clear path away from potential misunderstandings with your future clients.

    Global parameters

    Customize and categorize your sources of leads, types of events, market segments, booking categories, and sales force to supercharge your sales endeavors. Every organization has its own set of distinct necessities, and our flexible system empowers you to tailor everything to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

    Partner profiles

    Say goodbye to the tedium of manually inputting company or agent information and welcome the ease of auto-filled profiles. Cut through the clutter of routine tasks and make lead transitions as smooth as silk, armed with accurate company and commercial insights.


    Cost savings & Revenue uplift

    When every second counts and resources are like gold dust, neither you nor your customers have the luxury of wading through tedious email threads and attachments. Global Lead Passing ensures the fast-paced sharing of RFPs. The date shows that the quickest response bags the trophy. It's straightforward, really.  

    Full integration with

    Oracle Opera PMS
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    and much more...

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