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    Robust Analytics for Meetings & Events

    Precise data turned into information with our intuitive statistics tool guides venues to optimize their Meetings & Events sales. Increase your market knowledge with integrated 3rd party analytics.



    Manage your business with data

    With MeetingPackage statistics follow the most important Key Performance Indicators in the Meetings & Events sales with a glance. See which channels work best, what is the current status of your M&E bookings and enquiries, how are the average values evolving over time, and much much more.

    Highest-yielding booking sources

    offline, direct online, indirect channels, etc.

    Average values

    E.g., delegate amount, booking value, lead time…

    Top canceling reasons

    Why did potential customers cancel their RFP or booking? 


    How long does it take to convert RFPs to actual bookings?

    Moderator logs

    Who said what and when. Keeping audit track is especially good in problem cases.

    and much more...

    Full integration with

    Oracle Opera PMS
    Thynk logo
    Caspeco PMS

    and much more...

    Reporting and analytics, what's the difference?

    MeetingPackage offers more data than the current systems and outdated ways of working. We help you turn this data into actionable information.


    MeetingPackage report dashboard grants you access to reports that help steer the business in an even more lucrative direction. With a glance, you see the good, the bad, and the ugly.


    Reports are nice and important, but analytics help you take action based on reports. Empower your marketing team to get more business on the books with the help of Google and Facebook AI.

    Server-side tagging – harness the power of AI

    With MeetingPackage analytics, you can measure everything from the very first ad click until the actual meeting/event date.

    Google Ads logo

    Search engine AI

    Utilise the ROAS and CPA bidding models of Google Ads to get more revenue from your M&E customers. Just like used for accommodation advertising.


    Social media AI

    Let the social media AI algorithm do the "legwork" and benefit from increased conversion metrics of M&E bookings. Who said you should never skip a "leg-day".

    "We’re pleased to partner with MeetingPackage and provide hoteliers with more opportunities to drive demand for group business while working more collaboratively with meeting planners on their clients’ event needs"

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    Steve Parlin Vice President Global Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus

    "MeetingPackage is a powerful tool that helps hoteliers convert proposals into contracted business. My advice is to start using it today so that you maximize your M&E revenue through easy-to-use software."

    Olga Tolle-Rodrigues

    Olga Tolle-Rodrigues Sr. Manager, Global Alliances @ IDeaS Revenue Solutions

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