The Rise of Instant Booking in Venue Sales: Why It's More Than Just a Trend

Instant booking in venue sales allows customers to book event spaces directly and immediately through an online platform without needing back-and-forth communication with the hotel staff.

Enabling instant booking not only enables swifter bookings but also comes with other benefits, such as real-time availability information that significantly increases the quality of booking requests even though they do not get booked directly.

For hotels, the streamlined booking process is bliss. A convenient, efficient, and user-friendly booking experience reduces administrative tasks and enhances customer satisfaction.

The benefits are clear, but some players in the hospitality industry still hold tight to booking methods from the 1990s, such as email forms.

The-Rise-of-Instant-Booking-Image-1Instant booking is the new black.

The hospitality industry is experiencing a significant shift towards instant booking, a trend reshaping how hotels operate and engage with their customers. This movement is not just a fleeting trend but a response to several compelling factors driving its adoption. Let's explore the key reasons behind the growing popularity of instant booking in the hospitality sector.

Consumer Expectations

Event bookers demand convenience and efficiency like any other online consumer. Whether booking a flight, ordering food, or shopping for clothes, they expect quick and seamless transactions. The hospitality industry is no exception. Guests now anticipate the same level of convenience when booking their accommodations.

Instant booking meets these expectations, providing a hassle-free experience that aligns with the standards set by other online services.

By providing a seamless and efficient booking experience, hotels can ensure guests have a positive start to their event. This positive experience can lead to higher satisfaction levels, increased loyalty, and better online reviews, which are crucial for a hotel's reputation and success.

Technological Advancements

Advancements in technology have played a crucial role in the rise of instant booking. The development of sophisticated software and secure online platforms, such as MeetingPackage, has made it easier for hotels to implement reliable instant booking systems. These technological tools ensure smooth, secure, and user-friendly transactions, making the process more attractive for hoteliers and their customers.

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly competitive market, hotels constantly seek ways to stand out. Adopting instant booking provides a significant edge over competitors.

Since Covid, many new bookers who have never booked a meeting room have entered the market. The number of small and fast bookings has skyrocketed compared to pre-Covid. These "casual bookers" expect the booking experience to be as easy as booking a hotel room or a flight.

By offering a streamlined and modern booking experience, hotels can attract tech-savvy event organisers who prioritise convenience. This capability particularly appeals to the growing segment of digital-first customers who prefer to manage their booking arrangements online instead of waiting for replies to their proposal requests (RFPs). Booking online frees time for arrangements and crosses a huge task off your to-do list.

Instant booking boosts conversions for every venue

At MeetingPackage, we witness over 90 % conversion rates for venues enabling instant booking. A figure that should get any hotelier jumping for joy.

Operational Efficiency

Instant booking also contributes to improved operational efficiency. By automating the booking process, hotels can reduce their administrative workload. This automation frees up hotel staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service rather than spending time on manual reservation tasks.

The result is a more efficient operation that can better meet the needs of its guests. Spend time hosting the actual events rather than arranging the bookings.

Enhanced Revenue Management

One critical benefit of instant booking is its impact on revenue management. Real-time booking system offers dynamic pricing capabilities, allowing hotels to adjust rates based on demand and other factors. This flexibility helps optimise revenue from available rooms and venue spaces, ensuring that hotels can maximise profitability.

Direct online sales also increase the options available for revenue departments to utilise pricing campaigns, tactics, and strategies similar to hotel rooms. For instance, taking advantage of early bird offers, flash sales, and non-refundable rates can result in lower prices. Still, strict cancellation policies will lead to higher volumes with lower cancellation percentages, and revenue departments will be empowered with means to deal with the typical low seasons.

Get your venue to the 21st century.

When you prioritise the booker's experience with instant booking, you start the collaboration smoothly and portray yourself as a trustworthy host who will also earn bookings for upcoming events.

Get started with instant booking today. MeetingPackage is the spearhead of venue sales and provides a Central Reservation System that handles both online and offline sales of your venues.

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