Supercharge Your Lunch Menu for the Meeting Guests

Supercharge Your Lunch Menu for the Meeting Guests

When organizing lunch options for your meeting guests, it is ideal to consider foods that are easier to devour, and also the ones that will not mess up their hands and make them feel full and unwilling to work after a business lunch meeting – make sure you impress your guests by providing an impressive and mind-blowing menu with a selection of seasonal and nourishing foods when next you organize a corporate lunch event for the meeting guests.

Finger Food

The lightest way to eat is through snacking. A lunch that principally entails finger food will permit guests to be satisfied without feeling stuffed. So, therefore, organize a lunch of finger food and service in a conference room. Sandwiches, miniatures, fruit salad, small pastries, and treats (e.g., bacon-wrapped dates) should also be available. Finger food is ow-budget and can be dished on paper plates. Also, guests can discuss business while they eat as this meal is informal.


There are limited lunch options that have an overwhelming assortment of the grill. These lunch options vary from smoked brisket to dry-rubbed chicken and from tomato-sweetened ribs to vinegar-drenched drawn pork. These options also include collard greens, baked beans, roasted Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, and also cornbread.

Although a barbeque can mess up your hands, a few hand wipes can fix the problem. But the grill might be a bad idea if your company has a busy schedule because your staff will be busy cleaning their hands in the middle of the meeting.

Themed American and Ethnic Buffets

Several themed lunch options of different varieties such as American, Asian, Italian, etc. are considered by most caterers. Event coordinators include their selection of food into the general event theme. Popular theme options include;

  • American: fries and burgers
  • Asian: Noodle dishes, rice, spring rolls, and stir-fries
  • Italian: Tuscan style chicken
  • Southwest: Fajita stations and tacos

West Meets East with Asian Inspired Dishes

A varied range of textures, colors, and flavors have been combined to provide you the best the region has to offer. West meets East with Asian enthused dishes, especially the Asian chicken, which has soft strips of chicken breast and a dressing that is made of sweet-smelling coconut, tamarind, mint, and coriander. Popular Asian inspired finger foods also include petite chicken satay skewers or honey sesame chicken attractive legs.

Vegetable-filled Vietnamese rice paper rolls served with chicken, and a delicious dipping paste can be chosen if you need extra light and healthy options. Vegetarian-friendly fillings like cucumber and avocado can be included with a platter of sushi because virtually everyone loves sushi.


The post-lunch listing can be made sweeter by bringing cupcakes for catering. The benefits of dessert as a tasty snack idea to keep one busy doesn’t need to be pointed out. Cakes are a sweet eye-opening idea for everyone to indulge.

Cupcakes have a tricky way of convincing everyone to grab one, even the employees that are more health-conscious will be lured to indulge.

Gourmet Sandwiches

When looking for a corporate lunch function, gourmet sandwiches seem to be the most popular options. Even if your guests are hungry during your event’s afternoon session, and they need an energetic and healthy lunch to be able to give you their full attention, gourmet sandwiches and wraps will be more considerable and satisfying than most canopes, because they can be cut into halves and prepared in the form of finger foods.

To make gourmet sandwiches, which add the sparkling rich and recurrent nourishment to your lunch menu, mix healthy contents such as chicken breast, smoked salmon, fresh salad options (e.g., tomato and mixed lettuce) and rare roast beef. After that, add a nourishing mixture of grained bread rolls, visual appeal, traditional exclusive sandwiches or bagels, and olive focaccia. Do not forget vegetarian sandwiches and gluten-free bread alternative.

Even more, gourmet toasted cheese sandwich made from creamy grilled bread enveloped with gooey and melted cheese is a meal that a majority of people can make, but this meal can be transformed entirely when a zealous chef prepares it. No one would reject a rustic sourdough stuffed with slices of sweet green apple, crisp bacon, and melted spicy mustard of different flavors. Gourmet grilled cheese has an endless combination of inviting flavors which can make the majority of chefs adjust their recipes to house cheese-free grilled cheese, which is the vegetarian option.

Soup and Salad

The light and filling recipes of soup and salad are the specialty of many restaurants out there. When talking about the best options during a business conversation, soup is regarded as one because diners do not need to cut or grind anything.

Most restaurants offer a variety of soup flavors, and quite a lot of salad options with different dressings, as this combination is also an excellent option for a large group. This combination of soup and salad is also ideal for vegetarians and permits everyone to eat to their satisfaction.

Organic Food

As an event planner, make sure the lunch ideas that you’ve catered for offices that have more bike on the rack than they have cars in their lot land confidently in certified organic bounds, even the ones with no unused gym benefits. Make sure your office catering is honest no matter your company’s specialty, be it in eco-centric innovation or they produce events for charity.

Organic is a trend that is easy to grab, and it has sufficient offices. Organic has proven its productivity over the years, no matter your location, and it seems to be far more than a trend.

Authentic Mexican Street Tacos

Going wrong with tacos is difficult, especially when you want to please every person in the office. Do salsa verde, chopped onions, and a skirt steak taco with cilantro not make you salivate? What of carnitas with jalapeno and soaked red onions? Or a jam of fresh lime juice and fried fish with avocado crema? Combining all these with a bowl of guacamole, fresh salsa, and a bowl of chips will make lunch become an office feast.

Tortilla Wraps and Sushi

Combining a piece of meat with vegetables for a light and filling meal makes tortilla wraps a simple choice. Tortilla wraps can be made personally with shredded carrots, tomatoes, black beans, lettuce, and tofu or chicken. They can be eaten quickly in a meeting with a knife and fork or diners can eat tortilla waps with their hands.

For a smart dining experience, you may decide to go for sushi because it comes in light and bite-sized quantities. Also, it is easier to eat while holding a business meeting. Diners can enjoy different varieties, as most rolls have rice, fish, and vegetables.


With the improved popularity of energy drinks, vitamin waters, and flavored waters, coordinators of events should demand precise flavors and brands of waters in addition to ordinary bottled water, as it is vital to offer your guests varieties of drinks irrespective of the selected meal.

Alcohol is hardly served at lunch events, but it can be included in some cases. Other options are; assorted bottled juices, coffee (decaffeinated and ordinary) tea, regular soft drinks, and diet. Most venues out there can help get these products from their suppliers.

Don’t forget Boxed Lunch

To make an event, guests stay focused on the goals of the meeting, boxed lunch, which is fast, and stress-free is best for organizing lunches. When selecting box lunches, wraps might also be a suitable option as sandwiches are the most regular option chosen. Also, make sure you offer different varieties to attendees. Types of boxed lunch include but are not limited to the following;

  • Chips and cookies
  • A piece of fresh fruit
  • Condiments, napkins and plastic utensils
  • Turkey, ham, roast beef, and vegetarian sandwiches.

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