Networking Success at ITB 2024

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Even though nowadays meetings are mainly done online, and negotiations and discussions are done via Google Meet, Zoom, etc. it is still important to meet face-to-face with customers and potential future customers.

Therefore, when we opened the gates of the Messe Berlin event center of ITB 2024, our 12-member team was not just present but ready to position ourselves at the center of the dialogue.

The ITB Berlin 2024 event, held on March 5-7 2024, gathered the global travel community with over 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries covering over 20 halls of Messe Berlin event center. Themed #ITBTOGETHER, it's a premier platform for trade visitors and buyers in the international travel industry.

We all know that crucial decisions often rely heavily on trust. ITB provided the perfect platform to establish this trust through genuine face-to-face interactions with clients and potential partners.

Engaging with attendees directly allowed us to gain invaluable insights.  We witnessed their challenges firsthand, enabling us to tailor our solutions and address their specific needs more effectively.

ITB MeetingPackage team
The team preparing for the second day of the event

Effective Communication: Ensuring Our Message Resonates

ITB provided a valuable platform to assess audience reception. Through direct interactions, it became evident that engaging with people in person has numerous benefits. Deals are finalized more swiftly, and being in tune with individuals allows for a deeper understanding of their challenges. This feedback loop ensured us that MeetingPackage's services resonate greatly among the venue owners, and there is truly demand for our solutions in groups and meeting sales.

While immediate contracts may not have always been the primary focus, the event laid the foundation for future collaborations. Prioritizing face-to-face meetings before scheduling follow-ups not only ensures smooth future cooperation but also solidifies our dedication to cultivating long-term relationships with valuable partners.

Jaana Romi ITB 2024Events Manager Jaana Romi was thrilled to witness her booth come to life at the event.

Beyond the Event Stall 

Setting up a booth at an event like ITB can be quite time-consuming and demanding, with various deadlines to meet. However, the effort is truly worthwhile. Figuring out how to achieve a return on investment from such events may seem daunting at first, but once you establish a process and track the results, it becomes more manageable.

It's often surprising to see the outcomes when you diligently follow up. Many of our ongoing negotiations extend well beyond the event itself, reinforcing the mutual understanding that collaboration benefits all involved. There's a certain "magic" in face-to-face meetings that is challenging to replicate in online interactions.

MeetingPackage's Events Manager Jaana Romi was pleased to see her event project finally come to life.

"On the first day, I was amazed by the sheer size of the event. There were over 20 halls, each filled with hundreds of exhibitors.  

One of the highlights of the experience was seeing our own booth come to life. It was incredible to see all of the hard work that we had put into it finally pay off.

We had a great location for our stall, and from the perspective of continuous improvement, I felt it was important to go there myself to see firsthand what works in practice and what doesn't."

Turning New Contacts into Lasting Partnerships

As ITB 2024 drew to a close, the team geared up for the real work ahead. The connections established were not just names on a list; they represented potential partnerships waiting to be nurtured.

The impact of ITB 2024 extended far beyond the bustling days in Berlin. It served as a springboard for future projects and collaborations that will shape the course of our company in the years ahead.

In essence, ITB proved to be an invaluable platform for fortifying existing relationships and forging new ones. Prioritizing face-to-face interactions in today's digital age unveils the potential for business growth.

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