Enhancing Venue Sales with MeetingPackage's OSEM Integration

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Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services has long been a forerunner in the event management software arena, providing comprehensive tools for streamlined planning, execution, and analysis, thus fostering data-driven decisions and enhancing operational efficiency across various venues globally.

The integration of MeetingPackage with OPERA Sales and Event Management (OSEM) marks a significant enhancement, propelling venue sales capabilities to unprecedented heights. 

Himanshu Mittal portraitHimanshu Mittal, Head of Integrations, is excited about the possibilities the new integration will bring to the end user.

The transition to cloud-based solutions has allowed hotels to operate more dynamically, and OSEM continues in that path. Now that we, as MeetingPackage have connected our current online & offline sales solution to OSEM, we can really see it as a game changer for the industry.  

How do OSEM users benefit from MeetingPackage integration?

There are many great features, and in a nutshell, MeetingPackage integration enables complete booking automation.

OSEM really does allow fully automated processes, not requiring any human interaction with online bookings from RFP to event held. It enables MeetingPackage to build precise booking flows for venues using OSEM with all the necessary information. This means that all the event booker needs to do after the booking is to show up for their event.

Like any modern industry, the hospitality sector craves data, and now we can provide more accurate data. Like any other business, you will always try to hit max capacity, but you also want to know your actual demand. When distribution channels, such as Cvent or Venue Directory, generate RFPs, OSEM will allow MeetingPackage to create rejected bookings on top of the standard booking/inquiry statuses to give a complete demand picture and better data for improved commercial decisions.

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Customer-powered Event Management

The next step for the hospitality industry is to allow customers to self-service their venue bookings, just like they do their room and flights. Here OSEM shines above the rest. When customers now make online bookings and pick food & beverage products, these products will automatically be allocated to the correct service area within the hotel, like the restaurant or foyer space.

This automation saves time and effort for the venue staff and enables flexible updates for the venue booker. MeetingPackage clients have seen their consumed time per booking go down roughly 86% from 50 minutes per booking to 7 minutes. 

These changes have a massive impact on venue staff and how they free their time to more productive tasks, such as catering the bigger events instead of handling all the booking requests, whether big or small.

Determine the potential time savings and increased annual revenue that MeetingPackage can bring to your organization.

Next steps for meeting & event sales?

The Meeting & Event sales have been the ugly duckling of the hospitality industry for years. With all the integrations to a variety of hospitality industry platforms, such as OSEM, MeetingPackage is enabling clients to have an opportunity to streamline digital transactions and drive automation in places where it matters.

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Seamlessly sell your meeting rooms online with MeetingPackage and Oracle Opera Sales & Catering (OSEM or version 5.5+)

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