Benefits for Venue providers is a user-friendly booking platform, designed to improve the booking process for meetings and events. The contemporary design along with the intuitive user interface allows you to easily create packages, manage customers’ requests and generate comprehensive statistics for future sales and revenue management planning.

Easy to join

Creating a profile with us is easy. After you register with the email you would prefer to use for future enquiry notifications, you will be able to create a visual profile for your venues. Contact us for more information if you want your venues to be published.

Compare options

Compare various meeting venues at a glance, and easily find the perfect match for you. We offer standardized meeting packages for your convenience, or alternatively you can opt to book a room per hour.

See the prices instantly

Compare the prices of various meeting packages instantly. Just enter the number of delegates and see the prices change. Or if you opted to book a room per hour, just enter the number of hours and see the prices change. There is no need for enquiries.

Order management

One order, one place

Manage every possible detail of a booking on its own page that is also visible to your customer. You both see changes that you make in real time - and also get a notification email about each update. Communicate with the customer by messaging on the page, and customise the booking on your customer’s request if necessary. For example you can add any additional services to the quotation. One order, one place - for your convenience.

Package creation

Pre-defined meeting packages help the customers get an instant overview of what it is included in the package and budget their events more efficiently.

Function rooms creation

Enter the description, parameters and the equipment included in the price of the room for easy filtering and attracting the right customers.

Venue profile creation

On your Venues page you can set up your profile and how you would like to be presented to your customers.

In-depth analytics

Our exclusive analytics will generate statistics of your enquiry conversion rate, enquiries, profile views and organic searches. We will also provide you with sales ratios to help you have the upper hand in your MICE sales and support your revenue management department to define sales goals.

Multiple accounts

The multiple accounts function is extremely useful for hotel chains or collection of venues. As an administrator you get a real-time overview of the progress of ongoing enquiries and get detailed statistics about the performance of each venue. You can authorize different sales accounts to be accessed by handlers of your choice. For more information, please contact us.

SMMP standard complies with the Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP) standard. Thus, we can help you increase cost savings, reduce your risks and make your meeting events process more efficient.

Support 24/7

We are here to help to build a community with trust and transparency. Our international support is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

White label

Don´t have an internal tool to manage meeting bookings? We can provide you with a tool to manage internal as well as external bookings and additionally create in-house orders for meetings managers. Contact us for details

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