Our exclusive analytics will generate statistics of your enquiry conversion rate, enquiries, profile views, and organic searches. We also provide you with sales ratios to help you get the upper hand in your MICE sales, define realistic sales goals and support your revenue management department to achieve optimal pricing.

Analytics & Reporting

Robust Dashboard and Reports to monitor sales

Reporting will help you guide your Meetings & Events sales to become more efficient and to understand the customer lifetime value in a comprehensive way.

Robust Dashboard and Reports to monitor sales

Advertising & Analytics

Harness the full power of AI in your advertising

With our tailor made Google Analytics set-up you can let Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. ecosystems do the work for you. Utilise their artificial intelligence capabilities to maximise your ROAS and gain more business. Now you can measure visitors from the first ad click to the actual event date and see what they have purchased. With our datalayer and measurement protocol setup you can send actual Meetings & Events purchase data back to different advertising channels.

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See what products are viewed in your website.

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See the type of bookings (RFP's, Booking Requests, Instant Bookings)

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See the lead time between booking date and the event date. Use this segment to up-sell services.

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See the total value of the booking on the actual event date.

Harness the full power of AI in your advertising

Analytics & Reporting

Custom reporting as a service

We also provide custom reporting and analytics to suit your specific needs and to save time for venues. Flexible reporting metrics can be defined around almost any metrics and reports built to meet your bespoke requirements. Ask our sales team about it and we'll be happy to tell you more.

Custom reporting as a service

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Set your targets and let us take care of the rest. Measuring your M&E sales has never been easier!

Analytics & Reporting

Implement your own analytics

No matter what analytics tools you use we can implement the analytic script for you. This way you can easily aggregate all the analytics data from across your websites to see easily the overall business value of the MeetingPackage platform alongside the other important KPIs for your business.

Implement your own analytics

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