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Get your venue and offer visible across hundreds of distribution channels with no risk and no licence fee payable until you’ve received at least 3 enquiries.

Booking Engine

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Implement our M&E Booking Engine on your own website and start driving your meetings clients direct.  First 3 enquiries are free (no commission or licence fee) – Just implement the Booking Engine to your website within 28 days.


Venue & Sales

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Try out our basic Venue & Sales Management module for free.  Create blocks for meetings in the function diary and utilise our service catalogue functionality.  Upgrade and get premium access to offline bookings, web proposals, corporate negotiated rates, functionality, promotional discounts and much more…

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What our customers think

All parties involved in arranging or booking meetings or conferences know how complicated the process is today. The difficulty in getting a complete picture of the booking, seeing prices, availability and being able to compare products has become a perpetual frustration. The arrival of online booking for conference and meeting rooms, together with the easy addition of overnight hotel rooms and additional services, has led to the creation of an easier workload for organisers, planners and travellers. The eight hotel venues in Stockholm where we have launched our solution together with MeetingPackage have already submitted extremely positive feedback and the plan is to launch this service at our hotels across all Nordic countries

Lisa Farrar, CDO of Nordic Choice Hotels.


M&E Sales Made Easy

Traditional enquiry forms are outdated; hours are wasted processing RFPs; clients wait hours for responses and conversion rates of enquiries into paying customers is often low. Change these trends by integrating the MeetingPackage Booking Engine and optimise your sales with no commission on bookings through your direct channel

M&E Sales Made Easy

Show your offer in detail

With MeetingPackage software you can show even more complex service offering in understandable format towards your customers


Upsell your services

Our unique order management systems allows you to sell services after the initial enquiry/booking. Booking meeting rooms has never been a "one stop shop". The price changes after the booking date in most cases.


Save hours of work

On average you save more than an hour per RFP when you use MeetingPackage software.


Push conversion above 70%

If your customer can see pricing, services offered and meeting room availability it's just common sense that your conversion from enquiries to actual bookings get's a lot better.

Our distribution partners

Over 500 channels generating demand to your venues

We’re really excited about our new partnership with MeetingPackage. Once the API integration is complete, our venues will benefit greatly from the additional exposure to new corporate channels while enjoying even broader global visibility.  That’s going to be especially valuable as the economy recovers from the present public health crisis and the meeting industry gets back to business.

Martin Senn, CEO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Meeting Rooms


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Now it's your time to setup Booking Engine for Meetings & Events to your own website and simultaneously publish your venue profile to hundreds of distribution channels.

Here's the process to claim your own Meetings & Events Booking Engine

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Just fill the webform on this page and the following day around 9AM (GMT) you will receive your login details to your inbox.


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Once you receive an email from us just click on the Green colour button and you can setup the password to your new venue account


Create your venue profile


Once your logged in you can start creating your venue profile. Don't worry, we'll send you a setup guide to your inbox, there is also a handy online guide to help you out throughout the venue creation process. You can also reach out to our team via live chat.


Request your venue be published and start creating your Booking Engine


Once you have accomplished the venue creation you can request your venue to be published. Once reviewed and published across our network, you can start the process of integrating your M&E Booking Engine into your own website.