Cloud Based Sales & Catering

You can easily manage everything within one Sales & Catering solution. Content, layouts of the meeting rooms, pictures, pricing, F&B and much more...

Easy content & inventory management

Global distribution system

All in one

Manage everything within one venue management solution.  Venue content, layouts of meeting rooms, pictures, pricing, and much more.  Contact us if you want to know more, we’re more than happy to show you how our Sales & Catering platform works.

corporate rates

Flexible Pricing

Tackle seasonalities and price ranges with intelligent flexible pricing.  This will allow you to yield your meeting spaces better, improving occupancy and revenue.  We’re the first service provider to offer dynamic pricing and corporate negotiated rates for meetings & events sales.

Sales & catering module

Sales & Catering module

Add your F&B items and decide which items the customer can book online and which ones can only be seen by your sales people. You can use this as a standalone solution or by integrating our solution with your existing Sales & Catering provider.

Show your offer

Make your sales a breeze

Let both new and existing customers get a comprehensive overview of your food and beverage offer as well as any extra services available. This empowers users to customise their events and will help venues grow your sales margins!

Cloud Based Sales & Catering

Function diary

You can look at one of your venues or all of them in one view. Create bookings and blocks from your calendar and print the content easily with one click. You can adjust your business hours and easily decide which rooms to offer with real-time booking.

Function diary


Function Catalogue

Use our catalogue functionality to increase your sales and customer satisfaction! Load your food and beverage menus down to individual items, offer extra services and accommodation. Service times and prices will be displayed to your customers during the booking process.

Function Catalogue

Cloud Based Sales & Catering

Order Management

Full audit track. Your entire communication trail, including attachments, with the customer is all logged in one place. Our system automatically sends emails to the client regarding any changes or modifications made to a booking. Users can also set provisional hold dates for the booking and the system will automatically remind the customer at repeated intervals close to the release date that they need to accept or decline the booking. Let the system take the strain and capture customer confirmations through automated communications.

Order Management

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