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These webinars are for anyone who is interested to increase and digitalise their Meetings & Events sales. Whether it’s trough distribution channels, direct bookings or then just managing your M&E sales more efficiently your in the right place. We want to make meeting & event booking as simple as booking of accommodation online. The current way of sending RFP’s to get pricing, availability or even service offering is outdated.

Past Webinar recordings

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering integration with MeetingPackage

To showcase the benefits of Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering  integration with MeetingPackage platform and to demonstrate how it works. What are the benefits of the new OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management (OSEM) tool and how does the integration work with MeetingPackage.


Prepare for the future with CWT and MeetingPackage

How to increase your venue sales by capturing online Meetings & Events bookings – Prepare for the future with CWT and MeetingPackage.

CWT, the leading global TMC, and MeetingPackage, pioneers of online meeting booking technology have joined forces to offer corporate meetings bookers a new automated platform to research, plan and book meetings venues online.


Turn your website visitors into customers – Replacing RFP forms with Booking Engine

How  to digitalise your Meetings & Events sales process and turn the traditional slow and labour intensive RFP process into online bookings which leads to increase in sales and to better customer experience.


Meetings and Events – Recovery strategies from the pandemic

How to recover from the pandemic when selling Meetings & Events services? Joonas and Abbie will show some recovery tactics for venues to relaunch their Meetings & Events sales after the pandemic. What should you do as a venue, what are some important aspects to consider in each venue with meeting rooms and event spaces, and how MeetingPackage enables venues to develop more efficient sales processes.

Prepare now to increase and automate your HotelPlanner/ Meetings & Events sales

Watch the webinar and learn from two industry leading CEO’s as to how their companies are responding to the need to reduce operating expenses related to Meeting & Events sales while increasing booking conversions.

Proven to increase customer satisfaction the HotelPlanner & network will soon have the possibility of booking meeting rooms instantly through the partnership with MeetingPackage. There has never been a better time to start the process of getting your M&E spaces configured, integrated and to automate the sales.

Webinar Speakers

speakers (1)

Joonas Ahola

CEO & Founder, MeetingPackage
speakers Brian Garvan

Brian Garvan

VP of Sales, MeetingPackage
speakers Alvaro Perez Pintado

Alvaro Perez Pintado

Sales Manager, MeetingPackage
speakers Mervi Hakkarainen

Mervi Hakkarainen

VP of Hotel Systems, MeetingPackage
speakers Matti Rautanen

Matti Rautanen

CMO, MeetingPackage
speakers Fabricio Titiro

Fabricio Titiro

Principal Product Manager, Oracle
speakers - Abbie Michaelson

Abbie Michaelson

COO, MeetingPackage
speakers - Adeel Khan

Adeel Khan

Customer Success Manager, MeetingPackage
Paul Hermann, CEO Event Inc

Paul Hermann

CEO, Event Inc
Bas Lemmens

Bas Lemmens


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