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meetingpackage.com Introduction: The Meeting Package


As the result of intensive work and research, meetingpackage.com has elegant yet simple display, with the main aim to optimize user experience. Each page consists of a particular meeting package, built for all meeting planners, both professional and non-professional alike.




In case you are not familiar with the concept, a meeting package initially includes the fundamental necessities of a meeting: a meeting room & meeting equipment.

However, depending on the capability of the venue and type of meeting facility, meeting packages can comprise extra services such as accommodations, Food & Beverage services, or recreational activities. In fact, many venues offer meeting planners a wide variety of meeting packages to showcase their high-end amenities, as well as broaden the choices for their customers.

Some venues offer an overnight package with accommodations, lunch, dinner & breakfast for all delegates. Picture: The Royal Park Hotel (Book this package HERE!)


From meeting planners point of view, a meeting package solves the hassles from dealing with separate service vendors; hence significantly reduces the booking time. It is no surprise that meeting packages are becoming an uprising trend in the hospitality industry.

According to IACC "Meeting packages trend for 2016" report,  "95% of venues have offered non-traditional meeting packages for over 5 years, and 55% reported that meeting planners wanted to tailor a package specifically to meet their needs." (IACC, 2016).

By creating meetingpackage.com, we aim to create a pioneering marketplace for browsing and booking meeting packages, with the focus on user friendliness and responsive interface.

To achieve that goal, meeting package page comes with 5 distinctive features:




The most distinctive variable in meetings is the length of meeting. Differences in length will accommodate different included services. Therefore, we offer 4 types of meeting packages, which are:

- Half-Day Package:  From 2 to 5 hour meeting with one break
- Full Day Package:  From 6 to 10 hour meeting with several breaks and the possibility of lunch offer.
- Overnight Package: From 6 to 10 hour meeting with several breaks, including lunch, dinner & breakfast, and accommodations
- Two-day Package:  From 6 to 10 hour meeting with several breaks, including lunch and dinner, accommodation offered, and meeting room on the following day.






On the front page of meetingpackage.com, the first thing you are going to see is the search bar, simply type in the basic information such as location of your meeting, meeting length, then Click Search to see the results.

The system will immediately direct you to the Result Page, where all meeting packages that match your requirements will appear on the left-hand side of the page. On the right side, an interactive map displays the exact location of each meeting package. Our map is similar to popular travel websites such as Airbnb or hotel.com in term of user friendliness.


Search To Result Package Page

Next, you select a suitable package to go to the meeting package page. You can also filter search results ifrom top of the page according to your more specific needs. 

On the package page, the first thing you'll see is a slideshow showcasing the exclusive photos of the venue as well as its meeting rooms and amenities.

Package View of The Chesterfield Mayfair London
Picture of: The Chesterfield Mayfair London (Book The Full Day Package NOW)



According to research, "we have 1/10 seconds to form an impression" (Eric Wargo, 2006). Hence, we underline that all photos must be taken exclusively from the venue and in the highest resolution.

In addition, we also encourage venue owners to upload their commercial videos about the venue and meeting rooms. Our system supports video uploading from major website such as YouTube or Vimeo.




Each meeting rooms consists at least one high-resolution photo, accommodating with essential information about the dimension, possible layout settings, min-max capacity, and equipment that are available.


Picture of: The Park City Grand Plaza Kensington London (Book the Half Day Package Here)


In meetingpackage.com, we create an algorithm to show only meeting rooms that match your requirements to be selected. Of course, you can still modify your requirements in the package page and if you want to view all the meeting rooms in the premise,simply tick the "show the rooms that don't match my preferences" box underneath the available rooms.


The Rydges Kensington London offer meeting packages in high-end meeting rooms (Book the Bronze Full Day Package)


We understand that some planners want to take even more meticulous approach when it comes to select a meeting room, that's why we also encourage venue owners to upload the blueprints of all available rooms, which will be useful for meeting planners before the site visit.





The booking button is on the right side panel of the package page.

On the panel, you can still modify the number of delegates, select the most suitable room and the layout settings.


Picture of: The Stafford London Hotel Full Day Package (Book Now)


When you change the delegate numbers, the availability status of the meeting rooms will change accordingly.





All meeting packages are priced per delegate, so it is easy to compare prices between each service provider. Once you enter the number of delegates, the total price will be calculated automatically and shown at the bottom of the booking panel. Prices shown has no hidden fees of any kind, and that is the pivotal point of our service.







We want to make meeting reservation as simple as possible

Before coming up with the concept of Meetingpackage.com, we tried to work out two fundamental questions:

1) How can we speed up the booking process from the beginning until the end when the contract is signed?
2) How can we make the product easier for planners to compare and book?

After scrutinising the supply and demand here are few features we offer via Meetingpackage.com:


1. Transparency and Comparable Price: As mentioned before, all prices are visible on the package page, and the price is shown as per delegate. The prices have no hidden fees so customer get the same price as they would get straight from the venue.

2. Direct booking with the venue: All transactions are between you, the planners, and the venue itself. Meetingpackage.com solely facilitates the booking and thus makes the reservation easier. Our User Dashboard provides tools and analytics to manage the Orders as well as Budget. And it's totally free of charge.

3.  User-Friendly Interface: Each package associates with high-quality images and commercial video of the venues as well as all essential information about the meeting rooms and amenities. Interactive map shows you the exact location of the packages, and 360-degree Walk Through photos shows you the whole space ambience without having to spend money & time on site visit.

4. All in All Customer Life Cycle: We do not see ourselves as other venue listing website, on the other hand, we would like to take care of the whole customer life cycle, which includes SEARCH ==> BOOK ==> MANAGE. meetingpackage.com is the only marketplace that offers the booking management system, allowing meeting planners and venues manage to keep track & manage all their bookings and orders. 


Order Management in MeetingPackageThe Booking Managment tool in User Dashboard enable you to keep track on which stage your orders are.


It has been a long and exciting time since we started to form the idea of meetingpackage.com, and today marks a significant milestone as we finally bring the service for our customers use. We strongly believe that meetingpackage.com will be a useful tool for both meeting planners and venues to create insightful meetings that bring people together.

For  feedback about the service, please contact: [email protected]