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5 Meeting & Conference Venues in London that will boost your imagination

Now we here at meetingpackage.com happen to know a thing or two about venues. We have seen meeting rooms and facilities of all sorts. From good to excellent and from bad to worse. On our last site visit near London we thought to pile up a few very good places to have a meeting or a conference in London. Here is a list of very good venues to hire meeting rooms for creative purposes or at least to hold some “little less informal” meetings. 


 5. Meeting rooms in The Hoxton Holborn Hotel, London


Meeting Room at the Hoxton Hotel London Shoreditch


The Meeting rooms of Hoxton Holborn Hotel in London are already famous of their “quirkiness” and unusual room set-up. As you can see from the picture the kitchen like meeting room is probably something that most of the delegates in any meeting have experienced. Nowadays when asked, Meeting Planners more often say that they want something extra and special from venues and when booking meeting room, it affects their choice at the end of the day. Well, Hoxton Holborn Hotel London have definitely meet that need and set the bar high for rest of the venues. Good job Hoxton. 


Book your meeting room at Hoxton Holborn, London and have an enjoyable meeting!


4. Meeting rooms at Threadneedles, Autograph Collection London City


Meeting Rooms at London City Threadneedles Autograph Hotel


This place has the prestige to hold even the most upscale meetings but without the pompous atmosphere that usually comes along as unnecessary nuisance. Located in London City district in the middle of the business epicentre it could not be located in more convenient place for business meetings and events of all sorts. In Threadneedles Hotel, one might except to have good service but here it still exceeds the expectations in a good way. 


Go and test these nice boutique meeting rooms at Threadneedles Autograph Hotel and tell us how did you like them?


3. Meeting rooms at Myhotel Chelsea venue in London


Hire Meeting Room Chelsea London


Excellent place to have meetings for example contract negotiations. Relaxed and modern venue with excellent catering options will set your negotiation on the right track whatever meeting room you hire. It’s like a huge living room and one just wanders how it absorbs all the delegates involved. Exactly this detail makes it so special to host potentially successful meetings.  In these venues it’s easy to create a trustful and personal atmosphere. Go and experience yourself. 


Book your favorite meeting room from Myhotel Celsea Hotel in London


2. Meeting rooms at The Zetter Hotel, Clerkenwell London


Meeting rooms at The Zetter Hotel Clerkenwell London


The Zetter Group have been a front runner of hospitality industry for years now. The Zetter Hotel in London is no exception to this. Contemporary and trendy hotel in the “hip” area of Clerkenwell equipped with marvellous meeting facilities and top-notch catering & service. And if Eco-friendliness is a must for you this venue will definitely suite your needs. 


Book your Meeting rooms from The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell London


1. Meeting rooms in M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City


Meeting room at M by Montcalm London Tech City


Even though, M by Montcalm is very prestige venue the excellent service makes you feel welcomed. Little details on décor and architecture makes this place unique to have meetings if you need that” something special” on top your event. The whole customer experience is tailored to evoke inspiration to your meetings and events. When everything is set-up properly and you feel you get something extra on top of the expected experience it is easy to get in the mode to create something new with your team and colleagues.  


Hire your meeting room from M by Montcalm Shoreditch London and start creating something new with your team. 


Now we do recognize that there are lot of other venues that are excellent for creative meeting spaces. Some of them are propably even better but then again all of these are more or less subjective issues to be listed. But these five venues are solid choices for creative meetings that we have tested and also heard from our customers. Looking for more options in London? Find other meeting rooms in London now.